Become a volunteer

 by registering on the Solidarite-Peuple-Animal plateform


To help ...


During your free time or on vacation.

You can offer your skills to the shelter,
or to an association to help them in their tasks.


To adopt …

By providing a new home for a dog, cat
or other pet.

To sponsor an animal …

And help the shelter financially support the cost of food and care for a dog or cat.

To donate material …

New or used which you no longer use but which would be useful to a shelter.

To become a foster family …

By offering an animal the warmth of a home while waiting for it to find its own or quite simply to relieve a dog or a cat that does not support collective life.

You are an individual


Solidarite-Peuple-Animal  helps you fulfill your wish to help those who work for cats and dogs who are looking for a new home. Follow the guide.

How to do it ?

  1. Look for a shelter that needs help near you. To do this, enter your postal code in the dedicated space. A search will automatically take place to offer you a list of structures that have applied for aid on Solidarite-Peuple-Animal . Choose the one that corresponds to your wish.

  2. You have specific help to offer or cannot find a request in your sector.
    Click on "Submit an offer" and follow the registration instructions which will allow you to specify the help you offer.

  3. Indicate in the calendar the days and time slots where you are available. Also check the calendar for the shelter or association you're interested in to find out exactly when they need help the most.

  4. Help ! Once you have contacted the structure that interests you, respect your commitment. Volunteering is a commitment. Shelters or associations are counting on you and may have refused help other than yours when you signed up.



 If you want to know more about shelters or associations before committing to helping them, do not hesitate to consult their identity card. In particular, you will know if they only receive cats, only dogs, both or specific species (horses, pigs and others)

In case of withdrawal, notify ! So that the refuge or association can respond to another offer to replace you.