Julien Moureaux, chef de projet communication de La Normandise

Julien Moureaux, communication project manager at La Normandise

« Normandise's commitment to animal protection is part of its DNA and ethics »

Solidarité-Animal : What does it mean for your company to be a partner in the world day against abandonment ?

Julien Moureaux : Normandy's commitment to animal protection is part of its DNA and ethics. We deeply love animals. We are a food manufacturer, we want the well-being of our 4-legged friends. Our commitment is to share this good word and to be active in animal protection and prevention. Our partnership with World Day Against the Abandonment of Pets is therefore proof and a source of great pride.


Throughout the year, your company is committed to the most fragile animals. How does it happen ?

We are working in this direction by training our employees, informing dog and cat owners, and by widely disseminating this good word to the general public via the media and social networks.

In addition, we directly support associations, shelters, collective actions and targeted initiatives.


The values ​​of Solidarité-Animal, which is organizing this World Day against Pets’s Abandonment, are mutual aid and solidarity. Two values ​​that your company demonstrated during the Covid-19 crisis. Can you tell us about La Normandise's acts of solidarity ?

From the start of this unique crisis, we proposed to give the protective overcoats and caps, which we had in stock, to the staff of EPAHD and the hospital of Vire.

Then, we contacted all the associations with which we work throughout the year to offer them help if they needed it. We sent 15 pallets to the association Gamelles Pleines on three of its antennas. We also sent 6 pallets of food to Jurques Zoo (14) which is in difficulty with the lake of visitors.


What do you think about this global phenomenom of pet’s abandonment ?

An animal, before being well fed, must be pampered in a loving home !

Adopting a pet is a responsible gesture, not a passing out. The animal is now part of the family and it would not occur to the parents to abandon a child under any pretext whatsoever.


Avez-vous des propositions qui permettraient d’endiguer ce fléau ?

  • Controlled and rigorous adoptions on desire and commitment

  • No sales in pet stores where only profit matters and where the animal is a commodity

  • Empowerment of sellers (like breeders) abandoned

  • The compulsory and effective identification of all pets, so owners would quickly find them.

  • Very heavy penaltyor even a prison sentence.