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Karine FERRI

On July 23, 2019, Karine Ferri was already expressing a huge rant  against dropouts on her Instagram account ! If the famous host understands that we all need a vacation, she is outraged by the irresponsible and cruel attitude of some who leave their animals behind to have a good time. "We hold the record of shame !" she had written on her account in order to send our country back to a sad reality which unfortunately happens again every year. 

Once again in 2020, Karine Ferri launched the same message. That’s why asking this young mother of two, who is committed to animals, to be the godmother of World Day Against Pet Abandonment was obvious.

"Holidays, yes, but STOP abandoning your pet ! (…) If you cannot take your pet, there are many options that allow you to keep it.

Call on specialists, many companies throughout France offer personalized security services, directly at home. (…) Or turn to a petsitter : it is often individuals in love with animals who welcome the animals of others. For a week, two weeks or more, the foster family will take care of your dog or cat. Spread the message !"

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Christophe BEAUGRAND

Before becoming little Valentin’s happy father, Christophe Beaugrand was (and still is) the attentive owner of Madame, a young Australian Shepherd, and of Balzac, a superb black and white tomcat. For him, it was out of the question that his animals suffer when his life as a television and radio host forced him to be absent.

It was also during the vacation of one of his friends that Balzac landed at his home: "It belonged to a girlfriend who, one day, asked me to keep it for two weeks ... It was two months old and is now 13 years old, "  he explained to the journalist for the magazine 30 Millions d’amis (30 Millions friends) who went to his house for the purposes of a report. On this occasion, with his husband Ghislain, he revealed all his tenderness for his animals and described the immense pain they had experienced, both, at the death of their female dog Colby. When she died, Christophe had written on his Instagram account all the place that she occupied in their hearts : “Colby passed away tonight. Very gently, in our arms. She fell asleep on tiptoe. I said  thank you. Thank you for this gigantic, unconditional and pure love that she has given me for 15 years. It was the end of the road. The end of the book. It had to be closed… ”

Because, for the host, only death comes to separate those who love each other. Sponsor of World Day Against Abandonment, Christophe will carry far the message of loyalty that the owner owes to his pet.

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