Who are we ?

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Solidarite-Peuple-Animal is a non-profit organization, created in July 2018, to promote and organize aid for shelters and associations that take in abandoned or stray animals. In particular by facilitating the connection of people and companies who wish, on a voluntary basis, to provide material assistance or services.

The platform https://www.solidarite-peuple-animal.com/ was created to offer a tool for this connection. On the plateform, associations can share their needs (in adoptions, services, materials) and people and companies can offer their help.

In January 2021, Solidarite-Peuple-Animal was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to support small associations in accessing a state grant under the Recovery Plan.

Since April 2021, Solidarite-Peuple-Animal has also been a member of the Steering Committee of the Observatory for the Protection of Domestic Carnivores at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

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